Pretreatment and Instructions

Pretreatment and Instructions

Please READ before your appointment.


  • Everyone is different and can respond to topical epinephrine differently. How much you bleed will effect the outcome result and number of appointments it takes to get the desired result.
  • In order to avoid excessive bleeding and poor color deposit: No alcohol, Caffeine, Blood thinners (aspirin ,ibuprofen) 24-48 hrs. prior to treatment.
  • If you are considering getting Juvederm or any type of fillers please get your permanent make up treatment done first. Otherwise you would need to consult with your doctor before coming in for your permanent make up enhancement.
  • We do not recommend usage of any OTC lotions and creams for exfoliating, tone correcting, anti-aging, or fading as it can alter the appearance of your treatment.
  • If you have pink eye the area must be healed prior to the treatment.
  • If you have had laser eye surgery, blepharoplasty, or an eye-lift done you must wait three months from your procedure before your eyeliner enhancement.
  • If you have shingles on the treated area please wait several months to get the enhancement.
  • You will need a doctor’s note in order to proceed if you are taking any medications for any specific health conditions.


Pre-Treatment Instructions Before Permanent Makeup Procedures:

• Do not exercise, or take a sauna the day of the procedure.

• Do not arrive with a sunburned face.

• Do wait two weeks from the time you have had a laser treatment or peel.

• Do not take Aspirin, Niacin, Vitamin E or Ibuprofen 24 hours before procedure.

• If you desire permanent makeup on your LIPS, and are prone to fever blisters, cold sores or Herpes on the lips, we recommend that you take Valtrex as follows: Take 1000 mg. the day before, 1000 mg. the day of your procedure, and 1000 mg. the day after your permanent makeup lip treatment. Check doses with your doctor. If you do not have access for Valtrex, you can purchase over-the-counter Abreva® at any drug store.